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Flourishing Manual


This is an e-manual in pdf format that contains about 45 pages of instructions to learn flourishing of copperplate calligraphy (both minuscules and majuscules) at your own pace and convenience. This is suited for those with preliminary knowledge on the basics of copperplate calligraphy.

What does this e-book contain?
  • Introduction to Flourishing
  • Golden Rules for Flourishing
  • Warm-up Drills
  • Flourishing Minuscules
  • Double Letters and Ligatures
  • Flourishing Majuscules
  • In a Nutshell
  • Tips and Tricks
  • References
  • Tips and tricks to practice and improve

At checkout, please choose whether you would like an Electronic copy or Printed copy.

For Electronic copy, please note that this is a downloadable pdf file, the link will be available upon order processing and is valid only for 24 hours. Please ensure to save the pdf file immediately upon downloading. And No physical product will be shipped For Printed copy, the physical copy will be shipped to your address.

No returns are accepted. Sale of the manual is final.

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