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Brush up your skills


Brush pens are a popular type of calligraphy pens. They resemble a regular pen but the tip is replaced with a brush tip. Because of its ability to flow like a paint brush, it can produce thick and thin strokes depending on the pressure applied.

Traditionally brush pens are used in Japanese and Chinese writing and their script involves thick and thin strokes produced by these brush pens. Refer to the below image where we have written the word “Konnichiwa” (meaning Hello in Japanese) using a brush pen.


Similarly, we can also use brush pens instead of a regular pen to provide an attractive appearance to our words. Refer to the below image which differentiates the both.


Brush pens allow your words to dance on paper and instantly make the output attractive.

What else?

Brush pens are not just for writing text; it can also be used for drawing and painting. The image below was created only using brush pens.

Types of Brush pens

Brush pens can be of different types depending on the brush tip. The brush tip can vary from hard, medium flex to flexible. Depending on the nature of this brush tip, the appearance of the script can also vary.


For beginners the hard tip can be a good starting point because it needs considerable pressure to produce a thick stroke while the thin strokes can be created very easily without any pressure and using the tip alone.

Flexible brush pens require some experience in being able to create thin hairline strokes, though thick strokes are very easy to create.

Once familiar and comfortable with using the hard tip, beginners can migrate to a medium flex brush pen and then to a flexible brush pen.

Hard tip > Medium flex > Flexible
Brush Pens available on the market

Given below are a few of our favourite brands of brush pens with different brush tips to get you started.

  • Tombow fudensuke hard tip brush pen
  • Pentel fude sign touch (medium flex)
  • Brustro flexible brush pen
  • Tombow flexible brush pen

All of the above brands of brush pens come in several colours including black, while Brustro also has a metallic range. You can buy Brustro brush pens from their store using the below links:
Learn to use the Brush Pens

If you are interested in learning brush calligraphy, email us at to schedule a workshop!! We offer workshops for traditional calligraphy, flourishing and ornamental designing using brush pens.


We also supply high quality A4 notepads that are custom-made with 170 gsm calligraphy paper with pre-printed guidelines that are extremely convenient for brush pens!

So, what are you waiting for? Brush up your writing skills now!!

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